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Don Bluth Entertainment: How One Animator Inspired a Disney Exodus

In 1979 a young animator, hailed by many as the next Walt Disney, decided to abruptly leave and start his own studio. Over a dozen animators left with him in a mass resignation, and they left a hollowed-out Disney Animation in their wake.

Written in Stone? Imagining the ‘Mulan’ That Could Have Been

While Mulan the warrior saved China, why couldn’t Disney’s Mulan save Walt Disney Feature Animation? A musical change may have made the difference.

7 Theme Parks That Inspired Disneyland - Mental Floss

Since opening in 1955, Disneyland has inspired new theme parks and attractions all around the world. But before the “Mickey Mouse Park” was a twinkle in his eye, Walt Disney drew inspiration from many different theme parks.

The Meaning Of Snakes For Taylor Swift Goes Back Further Than You Think - Bustle

Theories have been circulating nonstop since Taylor Swift's social media accounts were purged and then restocked with mysterious snake videos.

Tyrion’s Reaction To Jon & Dany Having Sex In The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Finale Was For A Practical Reason - Bustle

If you watched the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale, "The Dragon and the Wolf," you probably walked away with more than a few unanswered questions.

Vincent Van Gogh and 56,000 Hand Painted Frames - Animation Scoop

With a completion date scheduled for 2015, U.K.'s Breakthru Films (Peter and The Wolf) plans to make the unheard of a reality with Loving Vincent, a film dedicated to telling the story of the life and demise of famed post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh.

7 Ways to Find Favorite Characters at Disneyland - Inside the Magic

Yet as a Disneyland lover and face character photo lurker, I have a few ideas for how anyone can snag a picture with an unexpected favorite.

A Brief History of the Cat Café - Mental Floss

Cat cafés are popping up all over the world, giving guests a chance to partake in warm beverages and pastries whilst communing with feline friends in a public environment.

How 'The Lizzie Bennet Diaries' Won Over an Audience and the Emmys Jury - Yahoo! TV

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a series in possession of an excellent cast and crew, a fresh vision, and great source material must be deserving of an Emmy.

A New Path for the NUS Suggests Less Talking, More (Violent) Action - Northwestern Journal of International Affairs

“There’s a massive fire in Parliament Square – police believe it may be Nick Clegg’s pants”

Looking behind the scenes of Mee-Ow - North by Northwestern

I had the opportunity to follow the cast and crew around during rehearsals and tech week for their Winter Louis Room show, Mee-Ow That's What I Call Comedy! Vol. 40. It was a whirlwind of a journey, but with a peek behind the curtain, I gained even more respect for this quintessential college comedy group.

D23: A Disneyphile's Take on the Mouse House's Bi-Annual Convention - Yahoo! Movies

On the surface, the D23 Expo is nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary, but look a little closer, and you'll see it's not your typical convention.

Toon Times: A Pixar's Life - North by Northwestern

Pixar Animation Studios has become known for its infallibility. In its short history, the studio has cranked out hit after hit – constantly topping itself not just in revenue, but in creativity and quality. But what makes all of their films so great? How did a little division of LucasFilm, almost destined for failure, become one of the most successful studios of all time?

15 Minutes with OK Go - The Daily Northwestern

With the goal of creating art as the foundation of all their work, OK Go has managed to create its own music label and continues to discover new ways of surprising an audience. The Weekly talked with lead singer and guitarist Damian Kulash about their mindblowing music videos, political activism and connection to Chicago.

The Many Faces of the Mouse - Class.Medill.Co

When Walt Disney drew Mickey Mouse for the first time in 1928, he wasn't just creating a character for the movies.

Q&A with Josh Radnor - North by Northwestern

You may know him as Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother. However, the man behind the character is more than just a sitcom actor. Josh Radnor is a writer, director, producer and an actor — all wrapped into one and sometimes all at once.

5 Reasons Why We'll Miss Matt Smith as 'Doctor Who' - Yahoo! TV

In preparation for his departure from “Doctor Who” following December's Christmas special, BBC1 posted a video of star Matt Smith today (watch it above) saying his goodbyes to the people who made his time as the Doctor possible.

Crown-gown relations - North by Northwestern Magazine

In a century where royalty is a relic of a historically divided class system, the idea of kings and queens is anything but current. Yet for some reason, many of us — particularly Europhiles — look at countries with the crown still intact as being quaint, maybe even more sophisticated than our own. We idolize them as icons of fashion, as bearers of all that is elegant and urbane. And when they pay even the slightest attention back to us, we practically weep at their feet.

Doctor Who: The Name of the Doctor - NU Channel 1

Once again we arrive at the end of a season of Doctor Who. With a lot of speculation over whether or not Matt Smith will return as the Doctor in the next season (he will be back for the 50th Anniversary Special, but after that I have heard conflicting reports), I am both sad and yet incredibly happy to have seen a finale of one of the best series on television.