YouTube Marketing: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies - Get discovered and grow your audience through video - Zapier

With one billion hours of video watched daily by over one billion users, YouTube seems like an automatic ticket to visibility. But clicking that upload button is just the first step in securing your place as a successful video creator. If you want your videos to meet those eyeballs—and bring in business—you'll need to be smart about your YouTube marketing.

New Integration: Use Klenty to Schedule Personal Follow-ups with Your Sales Leads - Zapier

When you’re manually tracking and communicating with leads, your work can begin to feel repetitive and stressful, leaving you scrambling to keep up. One thing you can’t risk sacrificing is your relationships with potential clients, and Klenty is here to help.

New App: Understand Your Customers with One-Click Surveys from YesInsights - Zapier

Ever feel like you need to read customers’ minds to give them the best experience? Now there’s a solution that requires neither tarot cards nor a crystal ball.

New Integration: Get Sales Reminders and Close More Deals with Spiro CRM - Zapier

For a busy salesperson like you, there is no time like the present to close a winning deal. But tracking and maintaining leads can make hours of your day seem to run away from you, making it an uphill climb to meet sales goals.